Well, here is my very FIRST POST. I sit here having my kids look over my shoulder why dad is so intent on writing on this darned computer when he should be schooled by them in the Xbox. *Rolling eyes and nodding heads with blank stares: Dad goes into a discussion why it’s important to JOURNAL!!

Well folks, that went really well. Can’t you tell by the above remark? It’s now the 22nd of February and I’m very excited. I’m in the process of finishing a correspondence CEU course and it’s an eye opener and humorous event for me also. Stocked to use the new learned knowledge on those willing to continue to train with me. Well, I’m always amazed to see anyone continue to grow in fitness. Watching them learn a new drill, skill, ability is always exciting for me and exhilirating for the client. May each and everyone of you out there have the privilige of touching peoples lives for the better. Go out and not just reach someone, teach someone something new and have them imprint that knowledge in their daily lives and then pass it on. That is the Essence of my teaching.