Among the most fundamental aspects of structural integrity in buildings is the ability to maintain stable while the winds top 90 mph, the earth shakes with tremors and the seas batter it. What is the basis for such a stable building? Hmmm, you’re pondering the same thing looking at the screen scratching your head. I can see it now. Well, you say. What if it’s the buildings walls? or the buildings roof’s? or the cement holding up the foundation?
Many people do not come to see the integrity of a building when really doing an analysis of such a structure until it has encountered such violent exposure to the environment. Wondering where I’m heading with this? Let’s place you on the side walk, walking briskly here in Chicago’s windy city corridors’ Gold Coast or Mag Mile. You’re intent on getting to your destination as fast as possible in the winter snow and place a firm foot plant in the snow, or so you assumed because the snow was fresh and the floor underneath your foot seemed stable. In a blink of an eye you find yourself caught either in a direct fall on your bum or you start the ingrained movements of a trained individual with an inner voice yelling at you to tighten your core, don’t lock up and stay loose and balance your weight to remain moving forward all the while keeping your eye on your next step. Everyone watching you hold onto a Laptop bag with accessories in that same bag that the weight itself comes closer to 35 pounds of swinging terror to everyone watching.
Some may think it humorous just watching you do an acrobatic one toe balance with a heavy bag and still not letting your hair get messed up and still have a smile on your face when your momentum is altered and not stopped. Just another day in the city with its own style of Core Stability Challange Course.. Wow, you may say this never happens…. Well, just ask one of my clients: J! You know who you are, just come on up and introduce yourself when you get a chance.