Running. What a concept, wether we take it apart piece by piece or we just do it really depends on the individual. Learning to run, well can you really learn to run? I have heard from the pundits that ‘YOU CAN NOT LEARN’ to run, simply due to the fact that you didn’t have to be taught to walk, or crawl or fight gravity since you were born.
I would like to challange you with this thought. If you were not taught or coached on the skill of running, would the track and field stars of yester-year and present and future have the same capacity, drive, and knowledge to go out and just do it? Break it down you say. Okay, since you insist. Your running technique is unique and adapted from early years of development. You either stride long with hard push-offs’, have either a long stride or short foot falls (*shuffle), run on the balls of your feet, heel strike or flat foot run. However the method you use to propel yourself to fight gravity is really our learned, not inherent way of running. This is not a debate on what’s right or what’s wrong. Each individual is different and we all have our quirks. Once we get to the point in our lives where we want to experience the thrill of a race, or better yet to enter college with some degree of experience so that we may in turn run for that University or College we also seek to LEARN from the Coaches the finer techniques / styles of running on the Track and the Field (*X-Country).

Not many things change do they? One foot in front of the other and adjustment of body weight with the continuity of gravity to play havoc on us or to aide us in horizontal or vertical movements. Gravity, always bringing us down. What a bummer! Oh, so you thought. Let’s say this, once you were admitted to the School, and qualified after trying out or were admitted by a scholarship you began your journey into the finer points of foot fall, gait tracking, push off, toe off, kick, follow through, speed, consistency, etc., etc., etc., So, did you really think that you knew all of this when you were born? What if I told you that one way is not superior to another, and yet you can benefit from learning more than you already know. I personally have used a method to MY advantage to help me run both faster and recover from it fairly quickly and it takes learning a new skill to another level. This technique is the POSE Method. Finding what works for you is instrumental in breaking barriers and acquiring a new sense of pride and accomplishment that we have not been able to reach. My suggestion to you is to find a way to aide you in reaching a goal that has been illusive for some time now with the assistance of either an accomplished coach, personal trainer or friend who’s been practicing and is on his way of getting really, really good at such a way of running that it would then help you in transferring such knowledge of technique to your running and finally getting the goal met.