As we prepare for the upcoming racing season, the most important job is to prepare or start in earnest your training for the coming year. This is called the Base Training Period.Not many mature adults will argue with the fact that it’s going to take a lot more planning for us to accomplish such a task. That we were able to do earlier in our 20’s than we are able to do now in our later 30’s and early fourties and beyond. The Base conditioning period has to start with proper planning, how many hours per day, hours per week, hours per month and hours per year.

Yes, it may sound like overkill and to some extent it may just be that. To others though, it is fundamental to plan and eventually reach their PR without any or other injury to sideline them for any length of time. Keeping themselves healthy is of utmost importance at this early stage.

Start with an easy conditioning period of exercise so that you may exercise hard on some days with more easier days in between. Look at your recovery, a time that it takes for you to come back refreshed after a hard or intense workout and how long it took you to feel normal again and then using that information you can then gauge your recovery time and apply them to your workout hours for future workouts.

Be prepared to take some time off to recover, especially if you can not SIT DOWN without discomfort. Easy cross training alternatives abound, from riding a recumbant bike, upright bike, rowing, swimming, lifting weights, eliptical and x-trainer to treading on the treadmill! All of the ideas you can come up with are yours to apply to keep things fresh and progressive. So, what are you waiting for? Go get started on your Base and keep up the great work. It’s easy on paper, now go apply what you’ve planned.

We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan.