To those of you that have ever wanted to do a pull-up here is a chance for you to accomplish that task. Make sure that you mentally prepare for the following task. Many trainees fail to complete one true pull – up simply because they prepare the wrong muscles! What? Muscles? Wrong preperation?

Yes, you ninny! Now listen up, the grip is the most critical element of a PULL-UP! If you are not able to hold your own body weight off the ground for any period of time, do you actually think you will be able to pull it OFF THE GROUND AT ALL?

Let’s consider the obvious, good to moderate strength in the back muscles (Lats, Traps, Rhomboids and rear delts). For those doing seated or bent over rows, that is great. You can move a percentage of your body weight, back and forth and maybe up and down, but that does not mean that your grip strength is any stronger especially if you have to use those Ninny Straps!!!

Yes, those sissy/ninny straps are great if you are near FAILURE WITH HEAVY OR X-HEAVY WEIGHT!!! Not 90 lb’s on your hands. Get a life will ya!

Okay, here is the break down.

1) Do you happen to have a Smith Machine?
(*Tower machine with a Barbell that rides on rails)

2) If you do:

a) Grab two equal length hand towels, not washcloths to use for these following exercises:

* Place the bar at shin level while standing in front of the machine.

* Place the towels on the bar, just shoulder width apart and then lay under the bar on the floor.

* Grip the towels with your hands (*of course) and proceed to pull yourself up off the floor while your legs and back remain intact.
(*erect= imagine yourself falling forward if you were standing up like a plank falling from the wall)

**You must break 90 degrees at the elbows prior to coming back down.

b) Once you accomplish 4 sets of 6 reps each with a full range of motion (*full extension of the arms) then lower that barbell 2 notches and then proceed to do another set of 6 ~ 8 reps with the same width and grip and breaking 90 deg.’s of flexion.

c) Bring down the bar until you are laying down on the floor and the bar is about a foot away from your chest and proceed to do 2 sets of 10 rep’s, again full flexion of 90 degrees to the bar and back to the floor.

3) Now, that you have completed the pre-pull-up routine, continue to the assisted pull-up bar or machine (*routinely called Lift-assist)

a) Gauge your weight and use 75% of your body weight to pull yourself up for 3 sets of 12 with a wider (slightly) than shoulder width apart and the backs of your hands facing you. Full extension and pull past 90 degrees again.

b) Do not stop pulling until you accomplish the three sets. If that means that you take 10 seconds in between the reps while in a set then do so until you complete the entire set. Rest no more than one minute in between sets and continue for a completion of the entire workout.

Hydration is critical, and so is a BARF bag. You will NOT be able to pick your nose or wash your hair 3 days from now so be prepared.

Okay, now you are sitting at home and saying (*Yelling) that you have no darned SMITH machine/contraption near your county and that you have a pull-up bar already that is screwed onto the doorway that you have used as an emergency hanger at times.

Okay, now that you have a bar in place it is going to be easier for you to accomplish this task.

Keep in mind the following:

a) Keep a chair slightly behind and below the bar.

b) Stand on the chair, grab the bar and keep your arms fully extended in front of you. Do Not Hang Yet. You want to measure shoulder width.

c) Once you have shoulder width on the bar, open it up a hand width more and that is your optimal grip with your palms down and forehands facing you.

Now for the exercise:

a) Let your body weight fall on your hands as you grip the bar

b) Keep your feet on the chair and bend the knees to accommodate the fall of the body underneath the bar.

c) Pull as much as you can upward and bring your CHEST not your BACK to the bar.

d) Lower to a full extension on the arms

e) Try to complete 5~8 reps with 5 sets each and 30 seconds rest in between

For the towels:

a) Using those towels from before. Let them hang on the bar and you SIT on the chair

b) Grabbing firmly and evenly on both arms, begin your pull upwards without pushing off of your legs as you go up

c) Pull as hard as you can and then come down again to the chair

d) Try to complete 5~10 reps with 5~10 sets and 15 ~ 30 seconds rest in between


Any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Note: This is for my buddy MAX!!! You are more than welcome and for the rest of you, feed back!!!! Let me know how you progress and if you need to ask me anything let me know. HAPPY LIFTING!