I was delt a massive blow yesterday morning when my DSL router/Modem Crashed!!! 

 So, as I write this WOD I have fumes to expend.

 WOD:  Run 10km

Those that are interested in the finer points of running, here are a couple of links that may bring up some conversational points to those that either hate it or like it and some indiferent to the idea as to what “Style” of running you do. 



Pose Method  

Ever ask yourself: “Do I need to be taught how to run?”

Interesting question right?  Well, there are those in the public that state the obvious:

1)  Well, since I was born I’ve known how to run.

2)  I ran in College and I was taught: sprint/hurdle/trail/long distance

3)  Run?  What? Me?  LOOOOOL!

Enjoy your day.  Post your time for said distance.


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