Many times while I train either myself or my clients one thing that we all have in common is either the ability to get focused, stay focused or lose focus.  Well, easier said than done.  Many people train in different times of the day due to either work schedule or just preference.  Enriching their ability to train at all with me is another story. 

While I was training today, myself that is I was struck at how short of breath I was performing a simple Dead lift exercise with only 135#’s.  Well, to some this means nothing at all, to others it’s more than they weigh.  Regardless, I started to lose focus on technique, and I started to feel very uncomfortable on the simple lift itself.  I found myself having to stop frequently, re-focusing on the task at hand and then trying to find that groove.  Well, once it’s gone folks it takes three times the effort to get it back for it is easier to say the heck with it and just chuck the workout out the window.

Focusing takes practice, both when your are at your best and then when like today, I was sucking wind due to allergies that triggered my asthma.  Well, suffice to say I took twice as long to complete my exercise routine with intensity so I focused on technique drills instead of completing my required Max Effort day.  Practice makes perfect, and at times imperfect practice takes on a different meaning when you are not there.  We like to quit when the going gets tough, at least some people do and this is very frustrating for it limits your ability to find that inner strength.

Find that voice inside of you when you are at the last strand of the rope and hang on tight for that fight is coming and when it does, step back and watch yourself perform better and with more determination and “Focus” again.  What you deemed impossible to do just a little while ago just became completed with a driving force that you had to dig deep to find.  Drive on my brother and sister for it is in the searching that we will all find what we are all looking for.



Happy Thursday.