WOW!  Since the last post which happened to be on the 8th of June my DSL has been down.  Upset?  You betcha.  Well, with staying on the line with Tech support, and out sourced help/customer support I was passed like a hot potato back and forth until I reached someone who arranged a tech to come out and check it physically.

 Well, they found the problem alright.  It was at their HQ’s!!!  Yes, they were not allocating bandwidth, their system kept re-booting and it kept bumping me out with it.  Suffice to say that they and I are on a first name basis over this fiasco.  Credit to my account?  LOL.  They wanted to charge me for the tech service and I of course in Politically Correct terminology told them to go and FLY a KITE off a ridge.

 Well, stay tuned for more posts and keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get booted again.