I take time to learn knew things, and some of the things on my plate right now are getting to learn CSS Web Design for Dummies.  Listen, I would love to have my own webpage soon.  I just want to know how NOT to mess it up once it’s up and running.  So, I’ve been practicing and having a great time.  I like it so much that I just migth teaching what I’ve learned to my 6 year old. 

 He’s excited at the thought of him working on the computer anyway that I want him to learn as much as he can while still having FUN doing it.  I’ve known many a person who’s hobby is tinkering with computers and programming.  I’ve built my own computer since 2000 and it’s been well worth it.  Knowing what I need and purchasing parts, and spec’ng out the prices and equipment is just as hard as learning a new language for computers to run.  I know, I used to work in the old days of the AS/400 and OS/400 time frame.  When they “First” came out.  Oh well, mini/micro computers began at that time also and it’s been a love / hate relationship.

Love it or Hate it, computers are only as good as the programs that run in them.  So, what I don’t know I will learn and if this means purchasing STOCK in Dummies then so be it since this new lingo is what I “need” to learn to make me better.

Have a great Wed.