Reaching the end of a wonderful day with Dad and watching soccer, eating continuously and having the temperature outside at 91 deg Fahrenheit, we had a great day just the same. Spending time with those that you love supersedes all when you get a chance to do it. I advice it at all times. Hard as it may be for some to fathom, yes you do have to get together with those that brought you up.

Ah wait you say, I was brought up in a Mother only home. Well that is fine and dandy, you have a grandfather of sorts, or you may even have a step dad. Just as well, give thanks to those that do have, pray for those that have their Fathers pass away to either, war, health, or accident. Pray for those that did not know who their father was, and for what ever reason are in need of one now. Keep those blessed ones in your hearts today as you finish this day with the blessing that was bestowed you as a Father figure in your life.

Give Thanks to the many little things and quirks that made him DAD.



A father also.