Very HOT!!!  That is the situation here in Chicago, and I have to tell you that it brings back memories here in the last decade that over 100 people succumbed to the heat and the morgue, hospitals and clinics were overwhelmed with the victims. 

 Please be aware that hydration is crucial in this temperature with the heat index over 100 degrees and climbing.  Check on the elderly, and the less fortunate on days like today.  Try not to assume that the homeless have it any better also, stop and give them not money but a bottle or two of water for it is better for them to have to stay hydrated since they are not readily accepted in establishments for many reasons.

Keep an eye on the children, they don’t complain like you and me but get a little sluggish but only in the latter stages of dehydration and sun exposure.  Sun block galore.  With many name brands touting the latest and greatest please go out and get some.  It is not cool to find out that you have skin cancer after long years of water and baby oil or snake oil concoctions of your own just for that sun baked look that will leave you wrinkly like a prune and worse of  at the cellular level.

Stay safe and enjoy your hot days of summer.  Pray for those in the western and south western states that have lost so much in the heat, fires and floods.  Keep them in your prayers.  We that have so much, take time to give even more of ourselves to those that need it.  Volunteer your time, or talent as often as possible to make a difference.