• 20#, 30# db’s
  • Chalk
  • Open area


Set 1:

Alt. lunges x 20# x 30 steps (15 steps/leg) db’s on the side

Single leg lunges x 30# x 20 steps (each leg) db’s on the side

Reverse lunges x 20# x 15 (15 /leg) db’s on the side

Set 2: 

Alt. lunges x 30# x 20 (10/leg) db’s over-head

Single leg lunges x 20# x 15 (each leg) opposite arm over-head

Reverse lunges x 30# x 10 (10/leg) both db’s over-head

Set 3:

Alt. lunges x 20# x 10 (5/leg) *pressing db’s over head while lunging.

Single leg lunges x 30# x 5 (each leg) *opposite arm press over head

Reverse lunges x 20# x 5 (5/leg) *press db’s over-head while lunging back

*Remember to use common sense when performing any exercise as described here in.  Use the weights and reps that most reach your level of fitness, and try not to be a hero for you may end up getting injured. 

Otherwise, HAVE FUN!