• Teams of two
  • C2 rower
  • Track/Field
  • kb’s
  • rings
  • med ball

Series I:

  • row
  • 100 x kb swings

Series II:

Series III:

  • 6 x 100m sprints

For time.  Post loads. 

*Team 1:  one member begins rowing, the second: kb swings. 

              **Rower can not stop rowing until the kb swinger finishes the 100 reps.

*Team 2:  one member starts jumping ring dips, the second: wall ball.

              **Jumping ring dips must continue until all 100 wall ball shots are completed.

All Teams:

** All teams must complete Series I and II before they proceed to III, for the 6 x 100m sprints.

**  The Jumping Ring dips:  Jump up, support for a couple of seconds and lower slowly down.