We had such a great day, darn that humidity.  A total of 5 people including myself showed up for the First August session for the Starting Crossfit workout.  I have to tell you, there were novices, beginners, experienced and all with a desire to drive through a tough workout.

Most had been working out alone in a garage, home, or local gym.  Others had been lurking around the blog and Crossfit.com website for information of “what is Crossfit” in real terms.  Well, today they had a good tasted of a group workout.


Renegade rows x 20 (using a choice of kb’s @ 16kg, 20kg, 24kg and 25#db’s)

Run 200m

Wall Ball x 20 (using a weighted med. ball @ 10#, 12#, 20# or 27#)

Run 200m

KB swings x 20 American (*over head) (using a choice of the above kb’s and db’s)

Run 200m

MU x 20 (*muscle ups) (alternate exercises – 1 muscle up = 3 dips and 3 pull-ups)

Run 200m

Humid day!  Did I forget to mention that earlier?   I was tanked at the muscle ups.  I finished 9, and on the tenth I flew up over the rings, and ended up hanging by one arm.  Got off the rings, chalked up and finished at 10 muscle ups.  My daughter (15 y/o) got as far as  25 ring dips and she was tanked. 

Other members of the crew finished with the pulls and dips before I even finished my 10th MU.  These guys and gal can put some hurtin’ on people.  Watch out!  Hope to see more of you out there with us so we can all share the effects, and laughs at the Park.

Have a great Saturday.