When I purchased the 1st Generation Nano for my daughter, we thought that it was giving her more responsibility and she would take care of the little device. Lo and behold, no more than 2 weeks later she presented me with a cracked screen, obvious to me that she either sat on it while it was in her pocket or dropped it on the floor and someone stepped on it.

Regardless, she was told that she would have to save up to get that Nano fixed. Well, a year and a half later it was going no where in the realm of getting enough funds ($100+) for fixing the screen via Apple’s warranty, since it was voided due to the sit-on event of the little devices. So, I searched a little bit on the ‘net and found a great site that sold the screen and tools to do the repair at home. Why not do it myself anyway? I’ve built computers for over 10 years and none of them have BLOWN up at all.

Well, I received that take apart tools and the replacement screen. Total spent? 45 dollars! Yes, you’ve read correctly. $45 American dollars including 3 day priority UPS mail. Great, save money and repair the thing myself. Well, after reading the instructions first and proceding to fix it, it too roughtly 10 minutes total. Now, we have a brand new nano that she will hopefully make last for over the month and we will then call it a success.