Our Dog, Onyx.  When at first we decided to purchase a dog, we had to make sure it was a family dog.  Friendly, easygoing personality and athletic.  Some asked why not get a Shepard type dog?  Well, simple.  We wanted something in the lines of the “Triathlete” of Dogs mentality.  Fitness oriented as we are in the household, we had to make the above  statement true to the purchase of our Dog.


Well, when I heard of a breeder in Mid-Southern Illinois that had a black lab for sale I knew as other dog owners have stated that this was the dog for me.  They (dog breeders) described the lab over the phone and before we were in the middle of the conversation I knew right there and then that this was a done deal. 

Many years have passed and we continue to be amazed at our family member, since day one she has shown to us a profound longing to belong and to share everything with us.  The kids all love her, some have actually dressed her up in Halloween customes, and for Christmas it was the first Lab-deer mix breed dress ups I’ve ever seen.  What did Onyx do?  She did not complain, or fuss.  As a matter of fact she revelled in the attention she received and still receives to this day. 

What I have to say is this, at three years old the only thing that has actually changed is that she is beginning to show a white snout.  Competing with me in the white hair arena.  She is either following me for attention or food.  Nothing ever changes for a Lab.  Any Lab owner knows that this breed thinks itself a vacuum cleaner than a dog.  It will eat ANYTHING you put in front of it, behind it, or dropped in any earshot or eye sight of it. 

Love the Lab.  Love the Personality.  Love our Family member.