It has been such a crazy week, with an Internet connection that is always going down I am fortunate enough now to be able to write.  Frustrating as it may seem, I have been looking into either going Cable from DSL.  Any suggestions?  I know, go look on the Internet as to whether or not it’s : 1) Affordable, 2) Available and 3) Adaptable to my needs.

Well, simply put for anyone to look around the net.  Comcast is the only one in the area that provides cabled Internet access and it is pricy.  So much for competition, I’ve asked AT&T/SBC cabled services and they don’t provide that service, period.

So, while I decide what to do or not do with this DSL service I’ll continue to post with this iffy service.  And without further ado, here it is: first post after DSL drop.

Have a great day.