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Well, one of the things that really keeps impressing me about my children is the fact that:

1) They are growing up independent

2) Viewing Society for what it really is…..,

3) Not letting anyone telling them they Can’t do anything

4) Maintaining a great sense of humor in hard times

5) Most of all that now they are beating DAD at a workout!

Yes, you read it correctly.  I was leading a Starting Crossfit class as you are all aware of, over at Wilson Park.  Well the workout is named after a Hurricane called *Helen.

*As Rxd:  3 Rounds for Time

Run 400 m

Swing x 21 with 1.5 pood kb

Pull-ups x 12

Well, she started the run and was ahead of all and kept that pace from the get go.  How did she do with the swings?  Blew us all away, how did she do with the pull ups?  She was laughing knowing that dad was so far behind. 

Two other adults who have children were also working out with us, and were amazed as was I,  along with me not trying to lose my cookies in the process.  Well, she completed the routine and was lounging around while I was struggling with my kb swings near the end.  1.5 poods is a lot over head when you’re so winded.

Lucky I didn’t plant one on the nuggett.  With her cheering me on I was able to complete the routine.

My other daughter, was taking pictures of the event.  She was loving it also.

Now, you’re wondering how old is the photographer?  15

How old is the one that cleaned my clock?  11!

Look below for the weights: 


Run 200m/Walk 200m if you have never run before.

Swing a lower weight at should height if you’ve never swung over head.

1 pood = 35lb,  1.5 pood = 53 lb,  2 pood = 72lb

Alternate weights =  25lb db’s

Pull ups: Jumping and hold on top with full extension at bottown and repeat.