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Well, another Saturday come and gone and I must give Thanks to all that showed up for the Wilson Park workouts.  A great day was had, a bit brisk at the start and at least it was Sunny and bright, no wind and we were all rearing to go full out. 

Instruction was provided in Olympic lifting technique using a PVC pipe and boy did they really work hard making sure that the movements were done very strict since the PVC pipes weighed nothing at all.  Flexibility and balance was a key issue with most and it showed on the positional static holds for the hang power clean and snatch. 

I am so very blessed to have so many people that come out and truly want to learn something new and watching them grow in fitness, health and a wealth of knowledge.  Once we completed the orientation we prepared for the WOD.

Today’s WOD:

“Broomstick Mile”

Run 400m

Back Squat  x 50

Front Squat  x 50

Over-Head Squat  x 50

Run 400m

Military Press  x 50

Push-press  x 50

Push-jerk  x 50

Run 400m

Hang Power Clean  x 50

Hang Power Snatch  x 50

Run 400m

Post Time.

Well, once we started the first 400m run I felt great.  No problem with the hip and knee so I stayed steady.  Once on the first of the three exercises I was able to do pretty quick squats, then started to feel a great burning sensation on the left glute and kept pushing. 

Second 400m and I was feeling a little out of it from the hip, but didn’t slow me down at all until I was around the push-jerks when it started to ache a bit more and the quads on both legs felt like lead.  Ran fairly good, and when I finally got to doing the hang power clean and snatch I could not even bend at the hip due to pain this time instead of ache earlier.  I would not quit so I was able to perform around 10 hang power cleans before calling it a day before I could not even walk since I was not able to really sit anyway.

My daughters worked with us today also and they performed flawlessly and I have to hand it to them.  The picked up on the Cleans and Snatches fairly quickly and ran marvelously.  What I find so amazing is that my youngest of the two girls has Basketball practice right after our CrossFit at the Park workouts every Saturday and she impresses the coache(s) with her stamina also.  Boy, to be young again.  Invincibility is what the youth have, whether they know it or not.

Hope you all have a great Saturday and Sunday also.  See you at the Park hopefully.