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Many holidays come and gone this year and many are what many have termed “Hallmark” Holidays since they relate only to the few that really care about candy, flowers, hearts, gifts.  While others are tributes and memorials to our Heroes in wars past and Countries History. Not all have anything to do with really giving thanks for what you have received, and given in return.

What am I ranting about?  Well, it’s simple.  Thanksgiving Day is a special day of the year where we give true Thanks for what we are blessed with.  Not give thanks and wish for what we would “want”, but for what we have.  It may be much compared to others in your inner circle, little to those that are rich in material and yet we sit here just thinking about heartburn medicines to purchase prior to that special day.

Give thanks, true thanks on that day for you have many riches. 

1) You have great health compared to Millions outside of the U.S.  Even to thousands here in the U.S.

2) If you have a car/bike/ride the bus, you are rich in the eyes of the world that has not a pair of shoes to walk in.

3) Look in your closet, how many pieces of clothes do you have?  Many millions in the world have one good set of clothes, and many rags to wear on a daily basis.  When disaster strikes, what they had on their backs is now their only piece of clothing.

4) How many times have you not eaten all of your food and thrown plenty away in one day?  Millions of Children die from Malnutrition yearly due to lack of food.  Think about it, we as country are a wasteful country and MILLIONS starve in this world.  Even in the U.S. children are starving, and you throw away good food.

5) Many of you have a job making over 20k per year.  Try this on for size, many of the developing 3rd world countries citizens that gracefully get a job earn $30/month with a family of 4 or more and the parent is usually single.  Some even make less / month.

So, give Thanks for the plentitude you have.  The grace that was given you in your fortunes, be they in material or spiritual.  Look outside and see what you can do to help, or even change in a person/family/group/neighborhood.

Give Thanks for being you and Thank God for giving you a caring heart so that this Thanksgiving, you can give more than you receive for there are many that need more than they get.

Happy Early Thanksgiving, and God Bless you.