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I have a nasty habit.  Some geek friends of mine and I (me being a geek also) can relate to very well have a very compulsive manner about what “should” the greatest / fastest pc should have.  Years go by and so do debates along the lines of types or RAM and GPU and CPU speeds, models, mhz, cache, you name it and we’ve debated.

Well, I am onto my 3rd computer build started on July 2007 with a simple no brainer idea of getting some of my old computer parts onto a new mobo.  Well, all is going well.


eVGA 680i SLI mobo

Corsair XMS2 4gig RAM

ATI Radeon x1600 pro 512mhz

Razer Barracuda Sound card and Head set

Seagate SATA 300 g


Toshiba DVD player

Antec 550w

Logitech G15 KB

Logitech mouse

Well, as you can see the prices have drastically gone down this Christmas season and was just browsing through the local newspaper when I noticed how much some HDD’s prices have gone down.  Well I began to get very excited when I noticed that the 1TB Samsung drive is out and in the market for less than 400 bucks!  Well, aside from other 1TB drives out there, there was a review over at Thomshardware.com.

As you can gather, I am thinking about two things:

1)  One Samsung F1 drive

   1.1)  Migrate my Seagate info to the Samsung F1 and use Seagate as a backup drive

2)  Purchase a new Graphics card.

Did honestly think that I, with new found space to store some games in would not take advantage of the SALES going on in the technology front?  Ha!  I will continue to hunt down those evasive one hour after opening only sales for a ‘GREAT’ graphics card.  What does that mean?  Well, the going price for an NVidia 8800 GTX is over 500 bucks.  Am I crazy enough to purchase such a monster at such a ridiculous price?  NO!  I will wait in the shadows like most reasonable human beings and bide my time when the time is right and I POUNCE on it when I can.

Until then, I will continue my constant browsing down the aisles of the Microcenter, Circuit City, BestBuy, and any other store that sell computer hardware to find that great deal that they don’t really advertise and is on sale in-store only flyer’s will alert you to.

I do hope you have a great time looking into technology rebates, and sales this season.

Happy shopping and maybe run into some of you in the aisles.