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  • Row 500m, OH squat x 21, Knees to chest x 21
  • Row 1000m, Back Squat x 15, Knees to chest x 15
  • Row 1500m, Lunge walk x 9, Knees to chest x 9

Notes for the row:

Hydrate properly

Chest is always out

Squeeze your upper back muscles on each row

Tall back

Notes for the Kness to chest:

Minimize excessive swing by contracting and pulling backward on the low back muscles(hip extension) to get your legs behind you prior to contracting and pulling (hip flexion) the knees to chest.

Keep your arms a bit wider than shoulder width apart and really work on *laying back on your upper back looking up to the pull-up bar every initiation of the hip flexion so as to maximize your back involvement on the knees lift.

*imagine a shoulder blade contraction while your arms are straigthened, and you try to pull up while contracting them.

Have fun. Post loads and time.

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