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21, 15, 9

Row for Calories

SDHP x 20kg kb

Wall Ball x 20# mb

Post times and weights.

Happy Saturday.

Worked this outside in sub 20 degree weather! Wohoo! Man, even wearing a wicking shirt and fleece jacket to workout in I was sweating up a storm. Gloves did aide in the tactile support for the kb and mb exercises. Snow was everywhere and loving it. My workout partners/sufferers were Pam and her husband Anthony.

Great troopers, cold, uncomfortable and like sponges: absorbing everything taught there and learning way more each time out. Their technique has improved so much, GREAT JOB you two.

Those that may be interested in joining us, do come out to Wilson Park in the Northwest side of chicago. We set up and warm up starting at 0830 and start around 0900 until all are finished. Cold or warm, wet or dry sans lightning of course we will be out there.



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