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21, 15, 9

Bear Squats with Sandbag

Wall Ball – 20# mb

Ring Push-ups

Sandbag Cleans

For time. Post loads.

Wilson Park Crossfitters performed flawlessly today, a bit warmer day it was since last outdoor workout and boy was it FUN!

Bear squats were at 60# sandbag, deep and painful to all (except Anthony). Sandbag cleans were at 40# and used the Ultimate Sandbag by Coach John Heskin. Awesome construction and a joy to use. Was it easy? ROFLMBO! No! Kudos to Pam and Paul who had never seen it performed once before and were able to make it their own today.

Anthony the machine is just something else. I need to really put more sand in it for him just to get winded. Great job all around, we were able to move from one station to the next with little rest in between while sucking wind. It was agreed that the one we really did not like was the Bear squats. That sandbag was moving, and it had a mind of its own.

Until next time kiddies, have a great weekend.

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