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Well, for some it may seem like an odd thing to write about. Hmm, let me see… he’s running again. Maybe due in part that I had not been able to run for over 4~5 years due to an injury on my hip caused by a cyclist on Chicago’s scenic bike-way “the LSD” bike route. Looking back to that day I can say this:

Thank you.

Wow, thank you. Well, let me get detailed. Before the injury I was putting in so many hours away from home, so much so that running and coaching Triathletes, Adventure Racers and Marathoners to compete was putting me in a running curve above all others unless of course you are in the coaching business and you know of what I say. Running is a verb for me.

Well, getting back to that gratefulness. I had to slow down and really focus my energy on coaching properly both the events and the mechanics involved for every individual involved in their own sport. Treating each athlete with real appreciation and respect is what makes a good coach better at his job. You learn to view Biomechanics in a new light when you can’t run, but know what it takes to produce a better athlete.

While running with clients I would often find myself running with the slowest runner so that they had a sense of accomplishment not found by any other form for them previously with constant feed back and support in the process. Did that change after the accident. I can tell you that I was totally depressed for not being able to run with anyone for that long. I like the fact that 3 out of 4 Doctors even stated that it may be in my head that I was not able to run. Well, I was training better, and lifting and swimming much better. Alas, I could not run without severe pain on the left pelvic area.

All of the medical folks want to treat real pain with pain killers and not really trying to focus on the mechanics that caused the pain and swelling but to try and treat the discomfort at hand. I don’t blame them one bit, they are frequently bombarded and challenged constantly about not being able to diagnose or treat correctly from the general public and from the media which like to sensationalize things. Yes, I do admit there have been some SERIOUS lapses in medicine in the recent years, but you can not lump that up against great practitioners who are as passionate about their work as they are about their clients.

I have become aware that getting to know my weaknesses more intimately through my injury 5 years ago now to this day is what makes me more passionate to work with newbies trying to learn something foreign that their body was not really taught in their younger years, or elder years for that matter. We grow up forgetting how to have fun while learning about our surroundings and interactions with others.

Learn from your set backs, be able to teach what you have learned especially from the painful times that the psyche is all that you have to fall back onto when your physical ability is just getting back. Pain is always my partner and dear to remind me when I’ve managed to piss it off with one of the WOD’s from CrossFit.

Will I stop? Ha!! You don’t know me very well do you? I’ve invited people to workout with me for years, cycle with me, swim with me, and run with me. Even hike/backpack with me. Of all the years, just the summer of ’07 did I manage to have workout buddies. I still laugh at myself for the fact that no one would come with me, because I know no other way of doing things than correctly, and FAST with high intensity and drive.

Enjoy health, life, nutrition. Most of all share it with your Family and thank God for what you are given, I know I have and still do even through painful bouts I am Thankful for being able to move again. Not like the past, but a new found movement.

Yours in health.


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