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  • Row – Calories
  • SDHP – 45#
  • Pull-ups
  • Ring Push-ups

For time.

Team 1:

Jamie (18), Pam, Nicole (16), Anthony 30:54

Team 2: (*Father Son team)

Alec (10)*Mod WOD (Row: 10, 8, 6: graviton pulls, ring push-ups, aluminum bar sdhp), Larry (dad) 31:54

Team 3:

Paul, Brett 33:33

Today was a great day for us. Three teams, a mother, daughter and father team with my daughter in it. Father and son team, and two great friends all came together to finish their official indoor workout with the city’s finest!

The workout for the day was broken down, piece by piece post our CFWU x1. We practiced all of the exercises and modifications for each. We then had everyone practice a kip to bridge exercise on the floor prior to practicing it on the bars. Jumping pull-ups were explained, performed by me and had each person practice it with critique and correction.

SDHP – BB weight was 45#, aluminum bar was pvc weight. sumo position and tight mid-section was overly emphasized.

Ring Push-ups – thoroughly explained, demonstrated and practiced. Corrections and modifications were performed and explained. Kipping to be used on the push-up when fatigues was explained.

Alec, our youngest member learned all of this wonderful stuff on his first day with us. He picked up on the corrections and cues really fast along with Jamie whom her parents were able to bring along to get in some serious CF work.

We had some great performances today!

Larry, who just last week was able to get one kipping pull-up last week has PR’d today with a total of ‘9’ Kipping pull-ups! Great job.

Brett, first timer today with CF and what can I tell you? This guy is going to be a beast! Great work capacity, and focus. Willing to adapt and over come! You can see his determination.

Paul! Great job, now this guy is gunning for some PR’s on the C2 rower so stay tuned. Great work capacity, and technique is ever improving. Great job.

Pam, wow. She drove, and drove and drove even past her perceived level of fatigue and drove some more.

Jamie, CF first timer and man did she catch on quick. What’s in the water that everyone caught on? Hmm, have to see if they don’t have a memory chip installed. Great work, she managed to crank out some serious push-ups and pull-ups today along side her mom! Neck and neck with the other teams, she was pulling ahead of her father on the pull-ups! You should have been there.

Anthony, our resident BEAST! Great job, getting those kipping pull-ups working today. Push-ups on those rings have greatly improved. Thanks for your help even through your workout, you had the presence of mind to help those after you on their technique while I was helping others. Thanks buddy.

Nicole! My eldest daughter joined in on the fiasco! LOL. She looked at me with those eyes, only a daughter knows how to look at her dad with a message that was loud and clear: “Dad, we’re gonna have to talk after this”!

Great job to all, jumping pull-ups were the staple for most in the last round. Greatly improved techniques and all were cheering and hollering for each other! Team work.

Can’t wait for the next meet-up.

Thank you for the Host facility and we’ll keep bringing the PAIN! They provided the place, we’ll provide the knowledge and fun.

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