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Technique Work:

Burgener Warmup

Muscle Ups

Welcoming new faces weekly is always appreciated and the performances just keep surprising not only myself but the performer.

Break down of each technique in the Burgener warm-up was well worth it. We had some issues with shoulder tightness and body un-awareness. Progressive instruction from one move onto the next that progressed from PVC usage to BB usage.

What has improved in many of the performers/practitioners today was that each and everyone of them perfomed the over head squats x 6 with BB. Good job to all. I was pleasantly surprised that my daughter at 16 was able to perform over head squats with a junior bar weight. Everyone has work to do, and they performed really well.

When it was time for the muscle ups, we had a little nervous stares around the group so we started with seated ring rows using only the false grip to emphasize the tension required to maintain a strict pull through the lats that they are not used to. I demonstrated the hold, row in both seated and extended (plank) positions for all to practice. We all took turns rowing and pulling. Once the formalities of the false grip was past us, we progressed with more intense rowing and pulling by increasing the height of the rings from hip height, to mid-chest, to shoulders and then to full extension.

Congratulations are in order also. Larry, once again floored us with the muscle ups! He was able to not only learn the details, and successfully accomplish 2 ring muscle ups today! Way to Go! Man, this guys is like a computer program. You program the good stuff and the good stuff comes out.

We will have to take a video camera and take some shots of the group working out in this environment. Success is just coming out of the seams with this little group of ours and we’re just happy about little jumps as we are as a whole lot of jumps.

Keep up the great work, I’ve left everyone with homework! LOL.

I even left Larry an extra set of rings to work with this week so he can polish up his MU’s.