With Strength2Endure.com site under construction, it’s really important for me to at least post a little here.  This is the blog and will be kept up to date with News and events.


Up and coming!  Strength2Endure has moved indoors for good.  Where do you ask did we move?


Bulldog CrossFit




Owner Greg Major has run Bulldog bootcamp for 10 years and has opened up his own Box.  When I was asked to help start it and join forces with the Bulldog Major’s it was a No brainer.  See, Greg and I worked together before when he started Bulldog bootcamp in Chicago’s lakefront in Lincoln Park.  This was 10 years ago and we had a good run, hence we had parted ways for me to seek more Personal training clients while he continued with Bulldog bootcamp in the Lakefront, Grant Park, Haper College in Palatine, now in Hoffman Estates and Maywood’s Loyola Hospital.

Things here at Bulldog CrossFit are hopping!  We are open, so come on by.

Bulldog CrossFit

441 South Blvd.

Oak Park, IL. 60302