Team WOD


1 – tire flip     x  10

2 – burpees   x  20


1 – spartans  x  10

2 – 500m row


1 – kb  x  20 (american)

2 – kb goblet squats  x  20


Teammate continues to work until the required number of minimum repetitions per exercise has been completed by his / her teammate.

ex.. spartans and row (II)  1- spartans finish before (2) goblet squats, then the spartan has to continue until the minimum 20 reps have been completed by his/her teammate.

*   Each teammate must complete their required exercise per block, ie: Block I – Tire Flip and Burpees.  Then you can move onto Block II and then to Block III. 

** Each team must complete the Block of exercises and then they can rest.  Then move onto the next Block.

NOTE:  American swings are the ONLY swings that will be counted today.  If you are not hitting the kb above the head, they will NOT BE COUNTED.