Before you tackle today’s workout, ask yourself why you are here.  What led you to being with Bulldog CrossFit at this time in your life?  We’ve had some tough workouts the last few days and I’ve been really impressed with all of you.  I know some of you felt like quitting or that you couldn’t do it.  But you did do it and that’s what’s important.  We are here to support you while you do things you never thought possible.  Keep up the great work.

For time.

100 Squats

5  x  muscle ups

75  Squats

10  x  muscle ups

50  Squats

15  x  muscle ups

25  Squats

20  x  muscle ups


S01 (SEAL) Jason Dale Lewis was killed by an IED while conducting combat operations in Southern Baghdad July 6, 2007. We name this workout “Jason” in honor of his life, family, and courage.


*Muscle ups = three dips and three pull-ups per muscle up.  🙂  So practice often.

Jason video.