Did you have a great Memorial Day? I know everyone who showed up yesterday to partake in the Trevor Win’E Challenge did. Thank you to everyone who showed up. Whether participant or helper withour you we couldn’t have had such a great event. Thank you to Bret, Dena, and Stacey for coming down from Milwaukee to participate. It was a pleasure having you. We had a blast grilling afterward. What a great day. I’m really proud of our Bulldogs who made a strong showing. Juanita, Kirstin, and Katie, and Pam you guys were awesome.

Larry cranks out the push-ups

Grill Master Gio does it all.

Now for today’s workout:

Three rounds for time:

15 x 135# dl

400m run

15 x ghd sit-ups

Update on Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 1:22PM by Gio

Way to work guys.

Jason 11:33 rx

Lupe 22:31

Juanita 17:22 rx

Allan 10:20 rx

IV 14:40 rx

Jane DNF – inj.

Katie 17:34

Carla 19:24

Larry 11:06 rx

Hank 29:58 rx

Jill 21:59

Michelle 12:32

Sam 14:14 rx

Tony 10:53 rx

Mark H. 13:20 rx

Jamie 13:44

Trey 13:30 rx

Beth 16:06

Ellyse 13:45

Pam 17:58

Kirsten 14:22

Talk about impressive output.