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I’ve been working on weaknesses these past months trying to improve my strength and hopefully have my hip feel a little ‘Normal’.  I’d say that it’s been a great feat of endurance, frustration, development and perseverance and set backs.  Trying to stay ahead of the game on a daily basis is one thing, and staying healthy is another.  Once in a while I’d make great progress only to let old injuries really stop progression all together due to an inability to actually breath or move.

Well, I went for 9 weeks without a set back and seriously improved my C&J with a 20lb PR from 145 to 165lb’s.  My Snatch, ha!  That’s something for the will right now.  As much as I try, I find myself jumping a little forward and dumping a lot more often than I would like, but I did see an improvement on Technique.  Went up from 100 to 115lb so a little PR on that also.  Dehydration on my part, due to not monitoring the amount of fluids being replaced due to training or neglect on my part.  Strength has gotten better and thus my hip and spine are feeling better, so much so that I had NO pain on my running these past three trips of 600m at a time.  Even tried it at an 800m and felt great, although POSE does play a key role in my ass not getting owned by the pavement I do feel better.

Running has been a release for me when stress settles in and I’ve been rowing more often than placing one foot in front of the other and it looks like it just may be getting better for me to head to the mighty outdoors and get my running legs back along with the major tank I used to own prior to my injury.  Being injured hurts, for a looonnnggg time.  Athletes playing sports now a days play while injured, some become terribly disabled due to that type of performance for too long under a prolonged injury that was not left to heal properly.  Disability aside, I can attest to the strength factors in CF and Olympic lifting have left me stronger and faster than ever with a capacity for more.

Now, all I need to do is not feel like I’m running into the side of a building during my running.  It’s only a freaking warm up and I was breathing heavy.  Not out of breath, but just heavy breathing.  What’s up with that?

Oh well, ’til I get my base back I’ll be breathing like that due to my allergies.  (right 😉 )