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Watching people jump for time on the following exercises (see list)brings me so much amusement.


onto a box – any height

up to a pull up bar

over parallettes

over water / mud / obstacle

over their teammates

Why? Simple, classic Fails!

Ok, I have had the opportunity for a few (*cough) Failed attempts myself. Now, after giving a thorough description of the exercises to be performed and having them practice a few reps to acknowledge their comprehension and ability for said moves then we can safely “ASSUME” that they can go ahead and get their WOD started.

Jumping onto a box seems simple, we can always adjust the height with 45lb plates, or even tires, steps and the like to make sure that you have a wonderful experience. Once you are comfortable with the technique and get stronger you can safely be elevated (height) to perform less reps to accomplish the task at hand. Once again, face planting a skill set I do not teach. It’s a natural event that happens daily in the box.

Let me explain. Face planting is involuntary, painful and totally hilarious. Yes, I’ve lost some skin on my nose and broken glasses thoroughly while performing the swan dive during gymnastics, football, stopping a baseball with my face and, well you get the picture.

Notice: Stopping moving objects with your face is Not recommended. I have proof.

Face Plant, FAIL

Please take the time to get comfortable with your surroundings, peers, technique and with yourself prior to attempting a Face plant anywhere. On the event that you do plant here at the box, know in advance that we are a caring bunch of people that will crowd around you to pick you up, lift your spirits and thoroughly remind you of every inch of that total FAIL!

Humor, live with it, learn it or you’ll die early. Not kidding. We must laugh at our selves daily for it gives us the opportunity of growth. So is Face Planting. It won’t kill you, but man it makes our day more enjoyable for a good laugh.