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My little knees, my big knees, my little feet, my sasquatch feet….  I can keep on going on and on about other peoples excuses about their lower bodies not wanting to do what the brain wants them to do.  My butt, my shoulders, my abs, my thighs…..  oooppppssss…..

Well, I do believe you understand the dilemma that poses most of society today when you tell them to go and ‘run’ for a warm up.  What?  Run?!  I just ran here.  Really?  400/600/800m?  I’m gonna die just running from my car to your door!  Gio, you’re ef’n crazy!

Okay, so when you’re starting to incorporate running into your lifestyle changes that we so gracefully apply to you once you walk into our box’s door we also want for you to understand that there are a few specific things to keep in mind.

1)  You don’t run at a pace that would equal your “WALKING FAST” pace


Yes, you read it correctly.  Running like hell constitutes fortitude which you don’t have or didn’t have coming into our program.  Now, do I or would I like to see you sprint from day one onward?  No.  Running like hell to you would give you a visualization of a SPRINT of course, but where I’m coming from, it’s gonna be wayyyy faster than what you’re calling a run anyway so SUCK IT UP!

No more fast pace walking!!! Thank you very much, I am now going to sit by and swat flies off the windows watching you run faster (*cough) like Phil runs backwards and blind folded!  Yes, it’s doable and is it uncomfortable?  You bet it is.  Will your body respond accordingly?  Oh Heck Yeah!  Will you suck at it?  The first couple of times you’ll be swearing up a storm which will answer your question “Is Gio going deaf?” since he has to ask me to repeat myself.  It has nothing to do with you mumbling in the first place, nah!  It has got to me.

Now, here is the low down.  Run at a faster than normal pace for 1/3 to 1/2 the distance.  Walk 2 to 4 houses length and then run fast again to the finish.  Simple.  Yes I know that you’ve never run that fast before and you’re gonna die in the process.  That’s ok.  You know why?

‘Cause you’re gonna swear my name up and down the street and you’re gonna SUCK IT UP BUTTER CUP!

This is the way I’d love for all of you to run.  Check out the POSE Method and read this little article on heel striking and running.

Running the wrong way