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Only day of the week where everyone is in agreement, at least the Normal people around here.  Giving a high five, if not literal that today is the end of the work week.  Well, for most it is and for the rest of us is just another day in general.

We enjoy Hump day (*snicker) and we enjoy Ladies night (Tuesday/Thursday) and we all hate the Monday (black dreary day) to return to work.  Well, on Friday we Party, blow our dough on stupid stuff and get hammered (most of you) and look forward to hugging that porcelain bowl for dear life due to the world falling from under you.

Now, others take it a little easier getting ready for Casual Friday by just dressing down.  Our own Caveman enjoys days like today and since he’s worn the following and not in any order we can assume that the image below is justifiable.


Leotard (wrestling singlet)

Kilt (it’s a FREAKING SKIRT)

Regular short up above his navel (horrid sight)

Now for the image:  No, I would NOT put it past him for a Casual Friday attire like this.

Tony's Casual Friday at the Box