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Oh Happy Day!  NOT!

Backups, back ups, Back Up!  I had one, and in the process of backing up a Win XP hdd that drive CrAsHeD!!  Not cool.  Well, I have learned my lesson after using that drive from XP to Vista (which royally sucked) and now to die with 98% my files on it.  What a pain.

Well, I’m going to use my new drive on this machine and re-install Win XP.  Saving some change here and there to drop on the Win 7 and/or a Macbook Pro.  The only draw back is the $$ involved.  What can you do?  It’s like technology has us attached at the hip and not the other way around anymore.

Need cash?  ATM

Need to pay? ATM card

Need to pay online? Bank card

Want to speak to someone?  “Contact Us” button – email/instant chat

Want to talk to someone?  Skype, Google Voice, Cell phones

Want to watch a movie?  iTunes has a wide selection as well as Blockbuster online, and Netflix.

We can do just about anything we can imagine with our little handsets now that we could only imagine less than 10 years ago.  Yes, 10 years ago.  Antenna’s popping out from the top of the cell phone with horrible sound and reception.  Now, we have screens that are miniature TV’s, cameras on these phones rival and at times exceed what the regular consumer already has as a Family camera.

Music, who needs headphones anymore?  Stereo docks are all the rage along with the set ups for the car systems.  Phenomenal.  Want to know where to go and how to get there?  Yes, you guessed it.  GPS on the hand held systems along with the laptops and such.

Big Rant I know just for the hdd crashing.  It’s just my way of identifying our necessity of having Technology in our lives and how it has a tight grip on us from the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed.  Let us not forget what wakes us up in the first place and usually it’s not a bell anymore and usually not a rooster.

It's gonna blow!

This the message the came up after the BSOD! (Blue Screen of Death)

Doom is a  comin'

Doom is a comin' you fool 🙂