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Running Shoes for cavemen/women?  Yes sir.  Ok, since when does a caveman need a set of the most up to date running shoes like the Adidas Rava Mirobounce, Nike Air Max+ ’09?  There is no instance for overly cushioned and over correction of the foot when it starts to run.  By running we’re looking once again at the POSE method of running.  Efficient, as it will increase your speed, reduce injuries and make you look really cool while running. (Hopefully)

So, what type of shoes should you be wearing instead Mr. Caveman?  Easy, lookie here for the correct style/type of shoes:

1)  Puma Speeder

Light shoes

2)  Puma YugoRun

Kosmos, Puma

3)  Asics Onitsuka Ultimate


These are but only three of a great growing trend to more lower profile running shoes in the market place.  Yes, in the arena of CrossFit and running there are the above brand names, and also the following that you will see being used:

1)  Vibram Five Fingers

2)  Nike Frees

3) Adidas Samba