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Once upon a time while growing up from the nether world of belly rolling and cooing and gaga’s (not Lady Gaga) but baby talk we all learned that there is knowledge to be learned while we were sprawling ourselves left and right just to lift our head up!

We learned to roll, flail, and roll some more.  Then came the crawl after the balance act of baby Yoga poses to get our knees from underneath us.  We also learned a valuable lesson when we fell!!  Pain is the greatest teacher in the world.  You mess up, or you get it right there will be Pain involved.

This is no different in the training environment we find ourselves in on a daily basis.  Ding, stub, rips, falls, etc…

Listen to your body, there is a reason some pain should not be ignored at all for any reason what so ever.  There is something like Acute pain, immediate right after the injury usually can be relieved with stopping the movement and getting proper care as soon as possible.  Hopefully for most of us that would mean within 24 hours.  Then there is the Chronic pain, the stuff of legends to some people I know.  That no matter what there is training to be done, regardless of the price they pay for compensation!

The second or Chronic pain that you have will be detrimental to your health in the long run, because your body will learn to over compensate while still not healing the original injury and then you’ll develop other injuries as well.

Swallow your EGO not EGGO already!  Get over silly B.S. that states that you need to train or you’ll lose size or strength or both.  A week or two off will give you benefits that working through an injury will never do.  Recovery is another subject matter, but just listen to your body.  If it continues to hurt and you’ve not taken the time to heal then you’re a goof.  Stop hurting yourself, we have too many goofies in the world.

My hands are full, of tape that is.  KT tape for my injury in fact that has made me realize that working out while not doing what I would rather be doing is still beneficial for there are many alternate exercises out there to clean my clock with anyway.  Would I rather be doing Oly lifting?  Oh you betcha!  Running?  Not much, but hey there are always all sorts of fun stuff you can do with squats.

Go heal thyself already.  I’m going to hand a sign on the box that would state:

“Please deposit Ego here, it will be returned to you intact.  If you hold onto it, I will hand it to you along with a major thrashing that only and Ego can take with the simplest movement patterns”