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I was sitting on the couch last night, rewinding the events of Yesterday.  Smoke, Fire, Heavy Breathing.  No, it wasn’t a Fire at all.  Not literally, but figuratively.  It happened to be our Annual Trevor Win’E Memorial Day Challenge. It all started with a Welcome, a Brief word of Thanks for the Troops, and Memorial to Honor our Troops.  Then we got into the swing of things, literally.

Teams of Four (4)

  • 300 pull ups
  • 400 push ups
  • 500 sit ups
  • 600 squats (air)

The Teams

Man, it was a blur for some and others it was just impressive to watch.  The rank beginner, the advanced athletes and of course those in between.  All were breathing FIRE!!!! Impressive would do it no justice watching these teams that came as far away as Milwaukee again this year to share with us some sweat, loss of DNA and great food and company.

Cooking while under rain, lighting and thunder makes one appreciate warmth, dry clothes and a cool beer.  Would I change anything?  Hmmm, get a nother grill would be the only thing I would like to add and not change.  That is all.

Here is the low down on the event.  Read more.

Event Pictures and Event Pictures #2