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As children grow up they have a constant need for attention, be it physical aggressiveness, mouthing off, rebelling or just ignoring a parent.  When they grow out of that phase they start finding out more about themselves in relation to their family circle, friends, extended family.  Then Sports.

Children know all about pushing buttons from day one, more than we give them credit for, since they know how to tear up a parents inner gut just by a phrase or look or even an action.  Yes, they know how to pull strings easily and learn it from the best.  Yes, the Parent.  It’s a vicious cycle, but change does start at home.

While we are deciding what College our little Bobby or Emily will going to when they grow up and the type of Doctor you picture them of being we’re instilling them a sense of purpose, drive, and work ethic.  They want nothing more than to make us happy, although they also want to test their limits not just daily, but hourly at times.  Oh Gray hairs here we come.  Coronaries just around the corner.

Now, when they are in the middle school years they are expected to rebel against you more often since that is what’s “expected” correct?  It doesn’t have to be that way at all, communication and follow through on our ends will cost us nothing, but it will provide that child soon to be a small adult, then adult with solid foundations in family, work and society in general.  Be realistic about what you want to do for yourself first.

I am always interacting with people from all walks of life that have no clue where they are going, unless you are in a CF box.  Outside of this little box there lives a population of people that go about their business as usual where everything is ok.  Kids are obese, parents are obese and sedentary.  Parents taking meds for their diabetes type I or type II.  Kids taking meds for TYPE II!!!!  Where did that come from?  Home.

Yes, although kids pull strings, push buttons and drive us nuts we as parents are still in control of the situation unless your an idiot and want nothing more than pass your problems to someone else either by projection and not taking accountability for them or you sweep them under the rug and ignore the fact that you’re passing your traits as lazy bum to your child.  Your child waits in Anticipation for your attention, whether it’s genuine or feigned.  They know and pick up on it really quickly.

Anticipation for a child in this society now a days is rooted on the Video games that they want to go home and play, not interact with another human being and be physically active.  Hence our situation with the children now having avoidable metabolic diseases under the age of 10!!!!  Come on people, get your kids of their asses.  How?  Easy, MOVE YOUR ASS!

They will follow, trust me.  I don’t push my kids to do anything, do they enjoy video games?  Sure do.  Do they enjoy sports, you BET.  Softball, Soccer, VBall, and of course Bulldog CrossFit and soon Krav Maga.  Willing participants in life is what will make this society of ours an entirely different place to live if we at home give our children and ourselves the opportunity to succeed one step at a time.

Set goals, short term all the way to long term.  Complete one, add one more in it’s place.  Don’t be complacent, for your children will emulate your actions readily and you’ll end up frustrated with them when in reality it’s you that started the ball rolling in that direction.

I wait with anticipation the day when kids are no longer on drugs for obesity, diabetes, cardiac disease, celiac disease, and the list goes on.  I want kids to be our future just as much as anyone else, I don’t want to be anyone’s burden either.  As this epidemic of adults in this country are ending up Obese, children are also following suit.

Let’s get these kids started on a dose of prescribed exercise by the Ped’s.  I wonder what it would look like at the Dr’s office when the parent receives the Rx.

Dr:  Here is your child’s prescription, please take this to your local CF facility and hand them this.

Mom/Dad:  Are you serious?  I can’t or Won’t do that.

Dr:  It’s covered under your Insurance plan

Mom/Dad:  But that means I have to go there too, drop them off.  I can’t take time off of work

Dr:  It’s not for YOU, it’s for your child

Mom/Dad:  [Feigned concern] Well, he/she is in need of assistance, maybe I can take some time to drop them off

Does this come off as harsh?  Trust me when I tell you that I’ve met parents that have stated the above, and I’m not even a doctor.  I tell them about CF Kids and what a benefit it would be for them to join.  Their first reply is that they already exercise at school.  Are you Freaking kidding me?  Chicago public schools have basically eliminated all of their Phys Ed for their kids.  Recess?  Non existent also.  So when I tell them that fact, they say that they’re just fine and they take them to the park.  Sure, the front port or yard is NOT THE PARK.  Who’re you kidding?

Just my rant for today kids.  I want to see our society take responsibility for what we as a whole have come to take as Normal.

1) It’s not Normal to eat crappy food – anything processed

2) It’s not Normal to drink sugar

3) It’s not Normal to sit behind a computer screen for hours on end and not learn something

4) It’s not Normal being a kid and not knowing how to climb a rope, tree, or pole.

5) It’s not Normal when children need medication for diseases that only adults can and should avoid getting.

6)  It’s not Normal to bury a child who died from an early heart attack due to obesity.

7)  It’s not Normal to ignore such a problem and expect it to go away on it’s own.

Fill in the rest people, you know you want to.  I’m pretty peeved watching kids drink 2 cups of sugar, stuff their faces with garbage and be sedentary.  Enough already.  We all need to wake up.  In this CF world that I live in, we make small strides to shake the world around us so it may wake up on it’s own.  If not, we rattle more nerves when we call them out on it.  Either way is fine by me.  I’ll rattle some cages easily, I’m not shy when it comes to telling it as it is.


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