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The lead article of the Biomechanics magazine has been in circulation for some time now and it’s just getting a little more interesting for me due to some of my clients and myself included have Tendinitis of the elbow from over use.  There are some pathological issues at work with the pain, swelling and discomfort that comes from an injured joint.

Just like the knee though, this small part of the body is a hinge joint.  Which means it closes and opens to a certain extent.  Hyper-extending this joint will snap it rather quickly so be cautious when doing your MMA practice or general buffoonery while you’re inebriated (DRUNK) and think you can take on the world since you do kick boxing a la Globo Gym class.

Elbow instability injuries require evaluation strategy.

a&p elbow


Eric Cressey has written a six part series on elbow pain.  Here are the links

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