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This past week has been such a wonderful experience for the bulldogs at the dog pound, and I do believe that most can attest to the fact that it has changed something in them.

Memorial Day, we at Bulldog hosted a total of 12 teams of 4 people to do Trevor!  Yep, our little happy hole in the ground and wall became the go to place for a great event.  The change started not the day of, but a couple of days earlier when the date came closer and they started to get uncomfortable with the knowledge that they had to put their money where their mouths were.

Stepping up, putting out, and not puking it out was what ended up being the turning point for some, and a revelation for others.  Their drive, determination, and grit to see things through was fantastic.  Some, well let’s just say that it was inspirational to watch.

Just finishing a week of lifting that would have left most of them at home for a while, I found most of them getting comfortable with being uncomfortable more and more.  Challenging themselves and when they were down, they would pick themselves up and cheer someone else worse off than they were.  Not surprising, but un expected so early in their experience with CF.

Some of our veteran CF’rs here in the box I can see doing it, now the newbies just totally are blowing me away with the desire to want more and more.  The Veterans are putting out a little more than they believed they could, reaching deeper than was really possible for them a week prior to Trevor and now they are on fire.

A fire that you can not just gauge on the tally sheets, track and field, or lifts.  You see them carrying on like a different person, a person comfortable with their capacity for discomfort and being able to be superior to the distractions, both mental and physical to not only succeed but to lift another teammate up when they have so little of themselves left.

Inspiring.  You guys are fantastic, and if this is a little taste of what you are capable of just wait.  I have something in my little black box that is never ending and that is called Challenge.  For you will be just that, challenged every day and you will keep shedding your old selves more and more to become a greater you that you thought possible.