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Reading over some of the articles in journals, both in the sports field and the medical field you will come upon Nutritional advice given credence to a more cleaner and nutrient rich diet than ever before.  The USDA Food Pyramid to this date is a joke, I’m sorry but when is our base of food intake for proper health Grains?

The mainstay of our society has changed from eating game, wild and domesticated four legged animals for quite some time and with incidence and increase of Obesity in the U.S. and now increasing numbers around the world, eating cheap is now rearing the ugly truth to the surface.  I can’t believe what I’m reading at times, where adults are better for eating grains in their Cereals, with more sugar to help you with the early morning commute to work/school.  Woo freaking hooo!

Eating processed food has been found to be detrimental to your gut, insulin sensitivity and increased Metabolic syndrome than ever before and that includes foods made from CORN.  Wait, did he just say CORN?  Look you, where did you crawl out from?  If you did not know or did not want to know what’s in the regular food make up of processed goods that the consumer intakes on a daily basis then that’s your problem as well as millions of other ignoramus’s out there.

Now onto an article just recently published over at Scientific America that takes this problem one more step beyond your gut.  New evidence for a neuronal link between insulin-related diseases and SCHIZOPHRENIA. Just when you thought it was okay to go back into the water and swim safely in your debauchery of your hamburgers, hot dogs, alcoholic binging and the poor man’s crack – ‘sugar’.  Taking the dietary intake to new heights, this recent study brings home a clear message.  Eat better, control your insulin levels either with medicine and nutrition or seek medical advice/help in order for you to not see such a detriment to your mental well being.

I for one would not like to see you deranged and senile anymore than the next person, now if you’re in the MD’s or the BK’s or any fastfood line and become irate for your service taking so long to get your Corn processed food to your liking and complain that you didn’t get extra processed condiments or too many/too little grease sides, think about it.  Highly possible that your irrationality stems from a chemical imbalance to the brain via the gut and or your insulin levels going hay wire.  Get off the ‘sugar’ for seven days.  I dare you.  No, I double dog Dare you!

See how that will go for you, it’s only seven (7) days.  What do you have to lose?  You on the other hand will have so much more to gain from it.

  1. Clearer mental capacity and focus.
  2. Stable mood – no more mood swings.
  3. Patient – no more jumping into an irate state for such feeble things.
  4. Food tastes better.
  5. Your body learns what Good nutrition is.
  6. fill in the rest……..

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