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What do the following movements have in common?

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They are all interconnected to the hip movement of flexion (sitting/ bringing knees to chest) and extension (standing/jumping/lifting).  Movement on a daily basis is required just to get you from point A to point B without much thought.  In that process, all you have to do is stand up, walk, sit, stand and repeat that process for a couple of hundred times a day if you’re lucky.

While others sit for extended times behind the wheel of a truck, car and the infamous DESK!  So, now more and more activity is required and acted upon in your CrossFit training that does and will continue to tax those hips of yours.  So many issues abound as to why you can not squat, stand, sit, pull, push, press, lift, hold, run……  Get the picture yet?

Your hips are a very flexible part of your body, agile at the beginning of your life and immobile at the middle and solid at the end.  Do you have to get that way at all?  Of course not.  Here are a couple of items for you to really check out.

Hip mobility Video I

Hip mobility Video II

Hip Exercises: Movement pathologies – A firm hold on the hips