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A few eons ago I had the privilege of working with some pretty cool PT’s and OT’s both of which helped to teach me the importance of balance and power.  Injuries happen, some from sheer exuberance, while others from sheer stupidity of the moment.  Does it matter which one you were in when you get to the finish line and say you finished?  And you’re still able to walk, well almost walk away from most of the idiocy you put your body through anyway.  Super duper Crash Test dummies like me love the thrill, the spill, recovery and we go and do it again and again.

Why?  It’s simple.  We’re missing a gene for gauging that something we’re about to encounter or perform is utterly DANGEROUS.  Do people in my league really think that it’s the end of the line when we start something?  Heck no.  We can only tell the end of the line in those instances when we get there.  Hopefully we have a second, and in some of our cases 4th or 5th chances to pull back just enough in the nic of time to save our hydes!

Fun times brother!  You learn to live life, at times with a glimpse or others as a Flash of your life in front of your eyes while out there getting the full extent of the pursuit of your endeavors.

Working with myself while injured, and then having the opportunity of getting the aide and assistance of those that know more than me is fantastic.  I am always a student and I don’t pass up the opportunity to learn at least one thing that I can take back to teach others.

So, now back to the PT and OT buddies that helped put my humpty dumpty ass together again frequently asking me what was I thinking?  Other times I was the one asking, WTF was that A-hole thinking?  Injuries incurred by you is one thing, debilitating injuries introduced to you from a nit-wit is just another chapter in a different book that should be published under the title – “F-you!  No, F-Me!” Yes, there are people out there that either do care about themselves and are aware of their surroundings or when in public could care less and take out anyone in their way.

Getting patched up from a good injury takes time and you learn patience by the barrel.  Either you take and heed the advice given to you or you are just plain to dumb to call yourself a human.  Listen to those that know more than you, you’d be surprised to find out that the center of the Universe is not you.  Working on spine and hip problems really give you an appreciation of the extreme level of control that the central portion of your being has control of.  Hip driven movement is the core of any movement and life.

Getting to know your body is important, both in life and in fun.  Work is constricted to the desk for crazy hours per day.  Get up and move people.  Want to move like a toddler and still be able to function like a regular human being?  Go to Ido Portal’s website and read, watch and listen.  This man knows all about human movement like no other, and he’s just an awesome human being.  I was introduced to his mobility site by a PT who knew what I did for a living and wanted for me to progress a little faster due to it being 99.9% of what it is I do.  He also knows of the lack of the oft spoken gene.  He shares that trait also.  😉

He asked me to watch this video of Ido a couple of times to gauge what the body had the potential for.  All the while I kept watching and thinking, this guys is unreal.  Although it’s going on 2 years since I have seen some of his work I am still amazed at what this man can do.  Can I as an adult with previous and serious injuries continue to make progress by working towards a healthier hip and spinal system?  You’d better believe it.

Have I been able to keep up with the stuff Ido has taught?  There are somethings I struggle with, while others I have taken onto using as my own and have gotten better at.  Thank you to the PT’s and OT’s out there that know that there is more out there than just the clinical setting.  They’ve earned their titles, put in their time and helped thousands of people and hopefully taught more people than anything else.  They are humble in their trade, they know their stuff.

So if you don’t pay attention while in their presence this is what they will do to you:


Pay attention to DETAIL

Here is the Ido Portal video: