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On a tree lined street every where you look there are many and many houses, most of which house a family and their 1/2 member.  Their pet.  Whether it be a hamster, duck, pig, rooster, hens, or our favorites Cat or Dog.  The family member that is always ready for a little shot at the title of misfit is ever present, always watchful and ever ready to jump into the fray to either entice your running ability (chase) or lying down ability (either you fell or got tired then fell).

The dog is in class all its own.  Why not a Cat?  Well, it’s simple really.  Most cat lovers adore their cats due to their independence.  While dogs are attached at the hip to protect their loved family to the death if need be and all it ever wants is to be petted, fed and given a constant supply of water.  Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason, they love us unconditionally.  Humbling to us humans that take everything for granted and almost always to some people expect something in return for a deed.  Give me a break, most people are so selfish they really don’t have a clue.  But, that is another book all its own.

Our family dog had surgery to unblock her intestine.  I had a good indication that things were going down hill really quick on a bread basket while waiting to be seen at the Vet ER.  She vomited Poop.  Yep, gross.  I knew earlier that it was not good when she kept rejecting both water and food and vomited a couple of times earlier and the kids were a little worried.  X-Rays proved me right on with my suspicions.  The corn cob was lodged in the Duodenum or the small intestine.  Neither was good, and one was worse than the other.

Surgery was performed in the A.M. to take out the obstruction, rehydrate her, and start her on antibiotics pronto!  Poor girl ended up with over 12 staples to the gut area (ext.) and I don’t know how many stitches inside for the abdominal wall and intestine.  She was touch and go, stayed at the surgical facility over night for observation and we waited on a razors edge to make sure she survived.  Not really comforting when you can’t call at anytime of  the day and not get a human being to answer your questions.  This is a rocking place, a not for profit organization working extremely long hours and helping out the community in so many ways.

The Animal Welfare League and its staff of Volunteers, Employees and Veterinarians are stellar.  I can not come close to feeling such gratitude for what they did with our family member and they do that to every animal that walks, crawls or gets carried into the AWL on a daily basis.  What I saw on a consistent basis was a caring staff from the smallest of beings to the humans whom needed comfort, consolation, and reassurance.  To others they gave sage advice, medical advice, and to others a leash, some food and a follow up.

No one is turned away, all were welcomed and you will be treated as a family member.  Although waiting times can be different to everyone due to a First come First served rule.

Hey, you can’t beat the service and staff.  They are a caring bunch, and work ridiculous amounts of hours without much appreciation from some clients that I noticed and the rarely get a chance to even take a regular lunch, much less a break.  Hard working crew.

Many adoptions, surgeries, turn-ins which were sad at one end and infuriating in another.  Listen, if you decided to get a dog, you should’ve had the foresight to get that puppy socialized and trained right off the bat.  Don’t turn it in like a wasted and used material and blame the dog for wanting to be aggressive with other animals and humans.  That’s not the puppies fault, it’s yours you mope!  Get a clue, better yet I’ll donate you one.  Just don’t trip over it when you lose your grip on it.

Enough of my rant.  Just had to.  I guess there just isn’t enough people on this planet to really appreciate something as un-selfish and humbling as a puppy/dog’s love.  They’re attached at the hip with their owner.  Hey, I’m blessed to have this 6 y/o lab.  She’s driven me batty on many occasions, and given me a heart attack at times with her antics.  Will I change anything if given the chance?  No Freaking way.  She is who and what she is, and I love her for it.  One smart dog, and a very lucky and fortunate family we are to have her.  It was a close one, and she’s recovering really fast.  How do I know?  Heck, one and a half days later she wants to run after birds and squirrels even though she’s pretty sore on the surgical site.  Yes, the staples on the belly can be bothersome, and she manages.  How?  I just don’t know, but she does.