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Reading is a lost art to most of our youth these days, and even our baby boomers have dropped the written word for the audio form.  It’s not a bad option when you consider it a change in habit due to work, travel, life and children.  Sometimes it can be due to a disability so I don’t knock how you get your information as long as you take the time to get it.  There are wondrous books written for Science Fiction, Science, Arts, Drama, Adventure and Semiotics.  Then there is Poetry.  I was reading poems, yes I do have a little bit of culture in my veins and I’d like for you to know that there are poets out there that I have read frequently although I can not memorize like some people do what was written.

I’m in training, learning how to memorize poetry is an art of its own, an art that is losing it’s charm unless we in this society make the effort to really educate ourselves to the life of poetry reading, interpreting and sharing.  If you’re brave enough you can even try your hand and penning a few lines for yourself.  You never know where that will lead.

At the dog pound this week a fine gentleman entered our premises and introduced himself respectfully and proceeded to inquire if it was okay for him to do CrossFit with us here since he’d signed up for the week.  He went forward and answered upon questioning him where he was from, that he is a recent graduate of West Point Military Academy class of May 2010.  He was a member also of the Black and Gold CrossFit affiliate at West Point.  There he received a classical butt whooping along the lines that only the Military can hand you and he not only survived, but excelled.  His performances here were outstanding, leading from the front and not only keeping up with our band of little misfits, but showing some of the veterans here that there is something in our youth today that is not lost.

It’s the Honor and Esprit de Corps that all military personnel have that make a regular civilian, well regular.  These young men and women go and volunteer for their own reasons, their own desire and their thrill for an adventure only second to God, Honor and Country.  To serve is humble, to serve in our forces goes beyond what most consider a volunteer job.

They are in harms way on a daily basis, unknown and unknowable.  That is what they face, so I train them for that.   They deserve nothing less.  Now I am a very proud individual to have met such a man this week along with his girlfriend.  Such a giving person, with a desire to Lead from the front and lead not only himself, but now he will be leading others.

This Poem I dedicate to you brother, for you will lead and you will follow and you must carry when others fall.  For if you carry, your load will be heavy for a short time.  Those that you carry will hold you to a higher rank that no man can pin on you, or bestow on you via a medal, ribbon or fruit salad on them Greens.

God Bless and safe travels.

“Righteous Wrath”

by:  Henry Van Dyke [More Titles by Van Dyke]

January, 1918.

There are many kinds of anger, as many kinds of fire;
And some are fierce and fatal with murderous desire;
And some are mean and craven, revengeful, sullen, slow,
They hurt the man that holds them more than they hurt his foe.

And yet there is an anger that purifies the heart:
The anger of the better against the baser part,
Against the false and wicked, against the tyrant’s sword,
Against the enemies of love, and all that hate the Lord.

O cleansing indignation, O flame of righteous wrath,
Give me a soul to feel thee and follow in thy path!
Save me from selfish virtue, arm me for fearless fight,
And give me strength to carry on, a soldier of the Right!