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Once there was a child, to him there is a place albeit small as it is, within he could find his life’s little treasures.  Imagination was free, roaming the skies, flying with the eagles, chasing dolphins in the Ocean, flying in outer space, visiting distant galaxies, aliens in flying saucers coming to play with this little kid in his little space called imagination.  As he got older he was told not to day dream, not to waste his time with fantasies and wasting time was frowned upon from every where he looked. Getting into the middle to late teens imagination was replaced with peer pressure led experimentation of (fill in the blank)_______________________.  Imagination, day dreaming took a back seat in the peanut gallery and the gallery was closed for a very long time.

What can drive a person to not fulfill his / her dream(s)?  Lack of desire, drive, need, want or ‘imagination’.  Experience will get you far, education can get you farther.  Imagination can take you to the stars.  Why do you not use your imagination to improve your inner self?   No, I will not get into any debate into the metaphysical with you for any reason at all.  You believe what you want to believe, you were born with a free will and use it wisely.  Aside from that, your imagination now as an adult is referred as visualization which can take many forms in the realm of your daily living.  From preparing and cooking meals for you or your family, to getting a special or important task completed at work.  Why stop there?  In the dog pound we speak a lot about using your physical self after you’ve thought about the movements, practiced the movements, and above it all how you were going to perform prior to you lifting the weight.

Visualization or imagination, can enhance your performance with the proper training and practice.  Olympians from every sport, endeavor to reach new heights every single time out whether it’s at the track & field, pool, motorway,  or at their regular job.  All of them will mentally focus their energy on anything that is placed in their mind’s eye to accomplish.  As an example, they set out not only complete it, but to overcome it’s boundaries for they are not complacent with just getting it done.  No way, they want to crush it even if it means a fraction of a second, an extra 1/2 inch or anything measurable that can be overcome physically they will in turn see themselves going through their own personal barriers.  Limitations set up on their own in their own mind.

Being uncomfortable is normal, whether it be emotional, physical, mental, due to stress in the work place, home or school we project that in a daily basis.  It can mean the difference in your performance when you want to do your best in any WOD that may be programmed for the day.   Challenges occur in our lives, how we attack them to over come them is always a reactionary or learned response.  Why not learn to use a new set of skills to channel that inner child?  Imagination.  It goes a long way, way farther than you let yourself believe that you are capable of doing or accomplishing the tasks.

Now, I don’t believe anyone said any of this was easy and if it was then everyone would be doing it.  Some would do it better than others while there may be more people out there that would quit before they actually even tried.  What makes the difference is how much each believe in themselves when they arrive and are walking into a WOD that deserves much more mental strength than physical fortitude.  The mind is a powerful thing, just give yourself a chance to use it and to believe that you can accomplish anything in the dog pound or life for that matter.

Mental training happens here in a daily basis and watching people transform into great athletes is the most rewarding event ever.  Priceless. Above it all, can you imagine what you would be doing without the activities that you have already surpassed in the last three months here?  How about six months, even a year ago?  Imagine what it is going to be like in a short period of time from now what you will accomplish.  The sky is the limit.  NOPE.  It isn’t and the Universe is out there for exploration.  Why stop at the stratosphere?

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