Many days pass and time does not stand still for anyone.  We age, oxidize and then die.  We die every day in the box during a WOD from hell, that damned trainer (Gio) created just for me!

“That SOB is going to die after this is done”, type of workout is what tells you that either you’re alive or dead or heading six feet under today!

Pain and Time.  You can not have one without the other.  They both tell the aging process, the deliberate attempt at keeping you in check, and you being the Type A personality that we all love to have around us, we know that you can push yourself  to physical discomfort, and aerobic thresholds to push your previous efforts at this WOD or trying to better yourself while trying to beat the clock.

We stare and ponder knowing all too well that time stands still while we’re suffering, sweating, panting, lungs screaming, pores squirting, head pounding, eyes blur during such workouts.  We also know that we love the feeling of completing it, to feel the end of the WOD.  What it does to our self esteem when people acknowledge our completion regardless of the time.  We have all suffered at the hands of the barbell, db, kb, rings, pull up bars……. and the list goes on and on with the variation of exercises we have performed with the apparatus that is provided to us for that time of suffering.  Darn that Gio (p.c. for F’n Gio).

Remember when fun was actually FUN?  Ever wonder when you had that sense of accomplishment that made all of you smile, inside?  Where has it gone and how do we get it back?  Time under stress, under load and under a boat load of skills, drills and suffering.  There lies the equation of the ages: “Fun x Stress (Physical/Psychological) / WOD = Growth”.

“Wut?  WDF?  Is he serious?  Fun?  WOD’s are not FUN!  You nit wit!”

I know you’re saying that there has yet come a time where you had a smile on your face when you began, and immediately when you’ve completed your WOD.  Time tells a different story due to you having a record of performance standards that you have accomplished and NOT ONE of them were completed with a Smile on your face.  Oh so you think.  You don’t have to Smile or Giggle (Juanita) when you’re suffering.  For that matter, it is Fun watching everyone else suffering along with you when it gets to be a drawn out 5 min. workout (you whiners).  Your success comes only when you realize that the Clock is nothing but a metronome of life.  It tells us where we have been, where we are, and finally where hopefully you and I will be.  Sprawled on the floor panting, gasping for a molecule of O2, looking in vane for your water and it’s sooooo far away that we will hurt just to think about moving to get it.

Time comes, and it goes without it ever pausing for you to have Fun.  Have Fun, smile, suffer, sweat, eat, drink, breath, and Live.  You deserve it, you work hard both at the job, school or even home.  Take the time for some one on one with iron, it loves being moved as much as Mount Rushmore has a face-lift every year.   Take the time to learn true movement and proper technique so that you don’t suffer as much.  Efficiency of movement must be improved, and only time will tell what the outcome will be.