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While in the heat of the moment of work, exercise, game or life in general we run hard without ever thinking how important rest is to our bodies.  Giving the speech to so many clients over the years I have an a slight inclination as to why so many people are not wanting to recover and recharge their batteries.  Listening is my skill aside from training, and with that skill I have learned to read people well.  People are always on the Go, Go and Go.  Not slowing down to live, just work.

Not resting?  Okay, not a problem unless you begin to feel the detrimental effects of walking while in a fog, nodding off while you drive, not eating well and either gaining weight or losing it.   Having no time for your friends, family, loved one(s) makes people really frustrated, irritable, and at times depressed or just plain old Tired. No one I know likes to walk around feeling like they have a ton of things to do all within an hour as soon as they get to work.  Not everyone is capable of multitasking and feeling normal while doing it either.  Heck, in this profession it is a miracle to see people move correctly at all, and imagine how they would function outside of the structure of the gym.  Oh boy.

Feeling like this is you?  Well, don’t fret.  Be aware of what it is you need to do, don’t hesitate to get it started and do get some sleep.

Ah, sleep.  Studies – GOOGLE THEM yourself and you will come upon hundreds of them some even more recently as to the benefits of sleep in both performance in and out of the bedroom improves and how it will help your ticker in the process.  Studies also on the lines of dire effects due to lack of sleep.  Man, it just keeps on getting better doesn’t it?

Take time during the day, and I hear this told to me on a daily basis (Thank you Molly) to take a nap even if it’s just 20 min. worth.  It will do wonders for you, I’ve tried it and it really does work.  It will not replace the eight (8) hours of sleep you need daily, but it doesn’t hinder your mental capacity either.

Okay, most if not all of you will actually get off your Bum today and google a little for your benefit so here are a few worth reading:

Well, if doesn’t get you riled up and heading in the right direction there is the Proverbial – “The Ball is in Your Court”.  Do with it as you wish.

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